30 HAS A RESONANCE 


As Deena approached the end of her third decade
and her life was repidly changing around her
I wanted to create a tribute, to capture parts
of times shared, joy and nachas felt.

The book is an almost random selection of images
and words that were ~at least in their time and place ~
significant as seen or captured thru my lens or anothers

Were I to repeat the process even now
I suspect the medium and method would change
but not the messages of love.


Lily Hoy created an undecorated box
covered with Nepalese Lokta from Anne Binder

I used similar Lokta thruout the book and quotes worth sharing

Deena sat on the floor in her Alexandria apartment neatly reading from cover to cover

Once we exploded the book, our AnnE of the Tassels got to check it all out
and we all got to enjoy Kate McKulla's HUBBLE (left front).

It's nice when you love the brother who rules.       


Once upon a time, the lion prince of Disraelly was born.
His parents gave him a name oft best represented by 
only two letters.

His book which also spans thirty years denotes the
places and times ... the aspects and experiences
that shaped who he is today.

The medium, like Ari, is varied and complex ...
including distinctive elements from BOOKS UNBOUND
by Michael Jacobs

Ari discovers that I did bring back a book from Virginia for him.

        The RE D book has a limited length spine but can still be displayed
        in a modified star format

        The Tie Offs are weighted by beads ... some from Israel and 40 years of travels ...
        many from BEADED DESIGNS ~ a wonderful shop we discovered in Albany, NY. 
        It is run by a delightful woman named Maria Moquin. We traded
stories about
        butterflies, her handmade beads and some of my work.  It's worth a trip.


        The spine belt is linked by a PEACE magnet

        The RE D book had multiple signatures and many stand alone booklets and books
        including a book of quotes, accordion folds from NCC (Norwalk Community College),
        Phi THeta Kappa, USNA and the Young Dems

        Just let me check out one more part!

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