This was my first view of the GATES as we walked west on 87th Street towards Fifth  Avenue.

Ninety images and days later, it speaks to my soul ... to my prayer that in the darkest of winter we find sunshine and PEACE

 Hugs and Ciaobiddy

They walked the paths, dozens of paid volunteers ~ dressed in layers of Patagonia thermal wear, polarfleece and down  ~ Each wore a large grey vests autographed with their name by Christo and Jeanne Claude that reminded us we were seeing   
Central Park
New York City
1979 2005

It took 25 years to bring the GATES to Manhattan ... for a mere two weeks ... the saffron drapes brought millions of people to walk in the cold, dark, windy park.

The guides carried extendable staffs, topped with tennis balls, which they used to unfurl twisted drapes, drapes contorted and twisted by some of the sharp winds.

The GATES and the images each person carried away are all in perspective.

For me, in the moment, it was the movement of fabric, of people, the sound of a dozen languages I once thought I knew pieces of.  Now, in the saffron, orange and gold non-reality of digital images,  it is the interplay of light and shadow that appears in photos snapped for another purpose: in a juxtaposition of forms and straight poles that curve.

and still I wonder ... for those few short days ...
Did the GATES encrouch on the city or did Central Park South impose its giant shadow on the GATES and all who walked thru them.

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